Start-up/Small Companies

Many small companies hire rapidly as a direct result of increased sales and client demand for their services, and the often need the infrastructure in place to service those customers quickly.  For fast companies that require rapid growth, we have the experience and capacity to meet your critical hiring demands and, if necessary, manage the entire process when your internal HR functions and resources are limited.  Select For Hire has the bandwidth to deliver quality candidates rapidly and support you throughout the interviewing and hiring process.

Large Organizations

When you need a recruiting service partner with specialized recruiting experience in virtually every technical and non-technical aspect of your organization, we can integrate our delivery into your existing processes – your entire collaboration with us can be seamless.  Whether your team needs us for occasional unique searches or a higher volume of delivery, Select For Hire can deliver.

Why Us

We think you are a big deal – and we take painstaking measures to prove it!

 Select For Hire takes precise steps to

  • Promote your company and its job opportunities to multiple networks of specialized talent, in a way that complies with your brand

  • Maintain the non-disclosure/privacy of all trade secrets and other sensitive information that may have been provided to us in the course of our work together

  • Deliver high-value recruitment services to your team that are aligned with your budget!


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