We’ll connect you to the best candidates for the job, even if they're not actively searching!

Our contingent recruiting services are ideal for filling one of more of your specific high value roles quickly. Because many of the best candidates for the position you’re trying to fill are already working, getting access to them is hard – this makes competition for top talent very fierce. If you’re looking to find the best person for the job and not just what's available, work with us!

Our team has the expertise to help you target specialized professionals and hire talented individuals whose skills are in high demand. We will send you candidates that have been screened and vetted for the experience and skills your team needs. We’ll ensure your objectives, company culture, role requirements and priorities are upheld throughout the recruitment process. And we’ll quickly and effectively assemble a talented pool of candidates for consideration.

Executive Retained

Looking to hire at a higher level? Need to bring in a vice president, director, or senior manager? We can identify and vet strategic talent for key functions of your senior management team!

We’ll connect you to hard-to-reach,top-notch candidates who are not actively searching. People you definitely not find through a job board. People who will only make a move for the right opportunity— we’ll make sure it’s yours. We’ll invest our resources and dedicate our research capacity on your search assignment and leverage the full spectrum of passive and active candidates available in the market. We will confidentially represent your business and be with you throughout the search and hiring process - from strategy all the way to candidate integration. No matter how difficult the hire, our goal is to provide you with a selection of highly qualified candidates that have the right background and experience and fit well with your culture.

Volume/Project Staffing

The hiring process can be very tasking for most organizations. First you have to get the word out,then write enticing job descriptions, screen resumes, interview candidates and finally begin onboarding. This distracts you from your main job. Ask us for help. After all, this is our permanent job.

We specialize in finding the talent you need and managing each piece of volume hiring initiatives!  Your team may require fifty positions filled within thirty days or twenty roles filled within the next quarter, Select For Hire can provide the needed flow of qualified applicants, assist with tailoring/managing world-class interviewing and hiring processes, and provide regular reporting on our progress.

​​Our services scale up/down with your needs. Whether we partner with you on unique searches or volume based projects, our services can ramp up or down in direct proportion with the shifting size of your hiring needs.  We offer deep proficiency (and tons of experience) in building and managing large volume hiring processes, and can taper them down to meet reduced growth.


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