How We Work
Whether you choose Select For Hire to identify one key hire or fifty, you’ll find four components at the core of our service
Sourcing Strategy
Sourcing Strategy – First, we work to fully identify the combination of skills and experience required by your next hire and the impact they’re expected to make to your team, then build a plan comprising multiple recruiting tools, professional networks, search platforms, and practices to source the talent your team needs.
Process Management
Process Management – From candidate slating, to selection and beyond – we’ll be the focal point for communication to candidates for feedback, interview coordination, status updates, etc., while you and you team focus on other priorities.  Throughout the entire recruitment process, we are a resource to your team for questions on topics related to selection and hiring.  Once you’ve identified a candidate for hire, we’ll assist with (or manage) all offer communications, and coordination of the hiring process.
Applicant Management 
Applicant Management – We drive candidate-centric sourcing and screening processes that merge with your current hiring and onboarding best practices, or we can manage the process from start to finish.  For larger volume hiring projects, we can work with your team to streamline critical pieces of your existing hiring processes or build a custom process from scratch, allowing your team to stay more focused on other projects and critical issues.
Attention to Metrics
Attention to Metrics – We continually leverage the data collected during the sourcing and recruitment process to gauge the value of our search efforts on your behalf, then optimize based on these insights – the more we work together, the more we both improve!  We offer customized reporting, enabling you to see and track hiring/interviewing statistics and other success indicators.


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